Firstly, I would like to thank vimal for the great session. The way you teach will make my concepts more clear.

Concepts I’ve learned:

In this session’s of mongodb the concepts I’ve learned :

Thanks to Vimal sir for the concepts you taught was amazing looking forward for more such workshops and thanks to LW team for conducting such workshops.

In this work shop have learned many use cases and concepts with practice approach

The concepts i have learned :

> Basics of bash

> Basic scripting elements

> commands and functions

> varables and its function

> exit code

> To create loop

> awk concept

> system backup using scripting

> basic os commands

> difference between command and script

> The process to write code and create files

Thanks to vimal daga sir and preethi mam for this great work shop and for providing us right knowledge with right content !!!

In this workshop I have a learned a lot from basic to advanced in just 8+ hours ……

The concepts I have learned :

The session was really awesome I would like to thank Vimal daga sir and preethi mam and entire LW informatics for conducting such a great workshop with crisp and clear content.

→A default route is the route that takes effect when no other route is available for an IP destination address. If a packet is received on a routing device, the device first checks to see if the IP destination address is on one of the device’s local subnets.

→The 'route' command adjusts IP routing tables

The route command manipulates the Linux kernel's IP routing tables. It sets up static routes to specific hosts or networks through an interface after it has been configured with the ifconfig program.

How to do this process ?????

Let’s understand step by step :

To ping Google but not Facebook in same VM :


What is jenkins ?

→Jenkins is a continuous integration automation tool (open source) which is installed on the server where build takes place. Continuous Integration refers to a process where developers commit their code into a commonly created repository as soon as they complete the development.

→In the CI/CD process also results in increased overhead and hence we have pipelines in Jenkins to maintain the users and permissions tagged to them. The same is applied to increasing projects.

→Once the building increase, the corresponding need increases to create test agents along with their maintenance.

Kubernetes-industry use case

Firstly, I would like to thank vimal saga sir preeti mam for conducting the webinar with industry experts

Thanks to the speakers for reaching us with industry real cases the session was great !!

Mr. Neeraj Bhatt(Senior Technical Engineer- OpenShift, Redhat )

Mr. Vijit Kuntal(Consultant, Infosys Belgium)

Rushil Sharma ( Customer Engineer Hybrid Cloud, Google)

In this session the concepts I have learned :

The ways to convert

Git provides cvsimport[option][option].

Firstly, I would like to thank vimal Daga sir, preeti mam and Linux world for conducting such a webinar with great content.

Thanks to the speakers Amel mathai,Daleep singh bias and Abid matto for delivering the industry use cases of k8s/openshift and demo.

Deliverables from the webinar :

→containerization growth and adoption how it us growing rapidly in the enterprises faster than expected.

→container usage:

→ Kubernetes Benefits :

→Challenges :

→Concept of Virtualization : creates virtual version of something including virtual computers, hardware platform,OS,storage devices and…

Time to share my experience about this workshop…….

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr.vimal Daga sir for being a wonderful teacher who always encourage the students like us to reach great heights.

In this workshop I’ve got to know clear concepts of git and github with real use case’s.

The concepts I’ve learned in this workshop :

→ About git and github.

→Installation of git software,gitbash.

→source code management and how they work creating backups with real use case.

→keywords:commit area,working area,rolling back and VCS.

→To create workspace, file and folder using CLI with bash shell commands.

→staging area,snapshot,marker and commit area.

→To create git repository,to store…

In this session, I have learned industry use cases using ansible automation it was such a pleasure to get the quality content from the best experts of industry Mr.Sreejith Anujan and Mr.Arun Eapen.

Session content :

Mogili Akhila

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